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Mid Coast Officials Association
P.O. Box 372583
Satellite Beach, FL., 32937

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Interested in officiating high school sports in Brevard County, Florida?

The Mid Coast Officials Association provides officials in the following sports for Brevard County public & private schools.     

  Fall - Football (boys, varsity & sub-varsity) , Volleyball (girls, varsity & sub-varsity) 

  Winter - Soccer (boys & girls, varsity & sub-varsity), Wrestling (boys, varsity & sub-varsity)
  & Basketball (boys & girls (varsity, sub-varsity & middle school) 

  Spring - Lacrosse (girls, varsity & sub-varsity), Baseball (boys, varsity & sub-varsity)
  & Softball (girls, varsity & sub-varsity)

To become a Florida high school sports official, follow the steps shown on the FHSAA website.
Select your sport(s) and the Mid Coast Officials Association as your "primary" association.
Soon after completing your registration, you should be contacted by an MCOA sports commissioner.
Select your sport(s) above, to contact that sports commissioner immediately and to view your sports Training Schedule for the current school year.


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Last Updated: 10/18/2020