Baseball 2015

MCOA Executive Board Officers

President John Scarpino
Vice President Steve Muzzy
Secretary Larry Torchia
Treasurer Mike Pressman
Baseball Edward Dufrene
Basketball Calvin Wright
Football Duane Summers
Girls Lacrosse Mike Stormer
Soccer Joe Barretta
Softball Bill Schmid
Volleyball Ron Patrick
Wrestling CW Bailey


Commissioner - Edward Dufrene
  • [Home] (321) 634-5547
  • [Cell] (321) 258-9572
Education/Training Committee
(Chairman) Randy Wood
Kevin Exler
Bill Becker
Rules Interpreter
Charlie Howard
Assignment Committee
(Chairman) Chuck Ambrose
Bob Eberhardt
Jody Devinney
Grievance Committee
(Chairman) Rich Lamanna
Buster Popovich
Gary Benton
Recommendations Committee
(Chairman) Dan Lawrence
Charlie Howard
Scott Johnson
Evaluation Committee
(Chairman) Roy Holbeck
Joe Hutten
Woody Boyle

UPDATE Please see Section 204. - Committees of the FHSAA Officials Guidebook 2014-15 Edition.

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