Baseball 2015


Cancellation Policy
In the event of a game being canceled within 24 hours of the scheduled start time, and the cancellation was not due to an act of God, the officials will receive a full game fee. The final decision on payment to the officials will be by mutual agreement of the athletic director and the MCOA Sports Commissioner. If the officials arrive at the game site and the game is then canceled because of an act of God and game has not been started, officials will receive 1/2 game fee plus travel. If the game was started and then canceled, the officials will be paid a full game fee plus travel.

1. Officials may only scratch schools.

2. Officials may request to know which schools have scratched them from working their games.

3. The Commissioner will make all contest assignments. No official may individually contract for any FHSAA contest.

4. All "plate" umpires shall contact the "base" umpire at least 48 hours before a game.

5. It is mandatory that all officials score a minimum of "75" on the state exam in that sport to be eligible to work varsity games. A minimum of "80" is required to be eligible to work post season.

6. Canceling or changing a game by an official after the schedule is published is subject to a reassignment fee.

7. Any official who violates the "proper uniform" requirements is subject to a fine.

8. Rules interpretation must come from the Sport Commissioner.

9. No official shall publicly criticize a fellow official, coach or player.

10. Trouble of a serious nature shall be reported to the Commissioner within 24 hours.

11. All officials will abide by any contract between a school/ conference and the MCOA.

12. All officials, if work schedules allow, should arrive at the game site at least 60 minutes before a varsity game and 30 minutes before a sub-varsity game.

13. Each official shall accomplish the following:

     a). Attend the state rules clinic.
     b). Take the supervised state rules exam.




The crew chief (plate umpire) is responsible for the crew pre-game. Things to cover.

Fair/ Foul coverage                      Line drive/ fly ball coverage                 Rotation on batted balls thru the infield
Hand signals and verbals              Balks                                                  Checked swings
Balls in the dirt                             Foul balls off the batter                        Foul tip/ catch or no
Double tags                                 Infield fly                                             Swipe tags/ pulled foot
Interference at first/ running lane   Interference at second/ force slide        Overthrows, dead balls, base awards
Appeals                                       DH rule                                               Offensive/ defensive trips
Arguments/ ejections                    Warnings                                             Weird plays



Address coaches by Coach (last name) or Coach. Shake hands if they offer to do so. Take the HOME TEAM lineup first and check it. Take the VISITING TEAM lineup next and check it. Fix any lineup problems before proceeding. Ask the HOME team coach to explain the field ground rules. Ask questions if needed. DO NOT contradict the ground rules unless the VISITING coach objects or refuses them.

Keep your conversation to a minimum. DO NOT make jokes. Be professional, polite and politically correct. 

Things to cover...

Ground rules. "Coach, would you please go over the ground rules for your field for us"?
Players properly equipped. "Coach, are all of your players properly equipped according to FHSAA regulations"?
FHSAA sportsmanship.



Stand at attention at home plate and DO NOT talk. Sing if you like.



Diffusing a situation where you might have to eject a Coach.


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