Rules and Guidelines

  1. Officials may only scratch schools.
  2. Officials may request to know which schools have scratched them from working their contests.
  3. The commissioner will make all contest assignments. No official may individually contract for any FHSAA contest.
  4. All Umpires shall contact the Referee at least 24 hours before a contest.
  5. It is mandatory that all individuals score a minimum of 75 on the state exam in that sport to be eligible to work varsity contests.
  6. Canceling or changing a contest by an official after the schedule is published will be subject to a re-assignment fee.
  7. Any official who violates the proper uniform requirements is subject to a fine.
  8. Allow two weeks for school payment before contacting the commissioner.
  9. Rules interpretation must come from the Sports Commissioner.
  10. No official shall publicly criticize a fellow official, coach, or player.
  11. Trouble of a serious nature (i.e. unsportsmanlike conduct fouls or ejections) shall be reported to the Commissioner within 12 hours.
  12. All officials will abide by any contract between a school/conference and the MCOA.
  13. All officials shall arrive at assigned contests at least 60 minutes before a varsity game and 15 minutes before any sub-varsity game.
  14. Each basketball official shall accomplish the following:
    1. Attend the state rules clinic.
    2. Take the supervised state rules exam.
    3. Attend the floor mechanics meeting, if asked.

Please see Section 1.600 - Rules of Conduct of the FHSAA Officials Guidebook © 1998-99 Edition.