Referees !!!
To do Public School games you MUST Register as an Official with FHSAA.
Go to Register New Official, and register to get a User ID and Password.
You can pay by Credit Card to Register as an Official.
You will then have access to many resources on the FHSAA Website.
Mandatory viewing of the FHSAA Rules Video Presentation has been DELETED.

After attending MCOA "Book & Rules Review" get togethers, (early October),
you will then have all the knowledge you need to take the FHSAA Rules Exam.
For 2014-2015 Winter Soccer, the On-line Rules Exam "Window"
is October 13th thru October 22rd.
To get in the game scheduling cycle, you must also register with
Joe has to put your name into the Arbiter system.
Your user ID is your Email address. Your password initially will be your last name.
When you get in to the system, you will have to change your password.
Then go ahead and enter your personal information.

And ..... Make sure you fill out our MCOA Ref Info Form with any personal conflicts
or special needs, so Joe knows how to schedule your games.
Just as important to also "block" days that you can't ref in Arbiter.

Also ..... If you want to get PAID ..... !!!
You MUST file an IRS "W9" with MCOA Treasurer, (Mike Pressman).
And, if you move, you better inform Mike. (Or your check may get lost in the mail.)
Some of you have heard about the Jessica Lunsford Act that was passed by the Florida legislature.
It affects ALL individuals that contract to work at schools, including SPORTS OFFICIALS.
This law took effect on September 1, 2005 and requires a level 2 screening, which includes
fingerprinting along with a background check before you can work any school games.

Recently, the Florida Legislature added a requirement that non instructional contractor employees
of Florida schools be issued a state badge to be displayed when on school property.
Non instructional contractor employees includes sports officials.
As applied to sports officials, displaying the badge means having it available for display when officiating.
The badge requirement is in addition to the requirement for a background check.
The Brevard School Board requires sports official to have a current background check before officiating.
Current means a background check within the past 5 years.
Each sports official is individually responsible for complying with the background check and badging requirement.
The cost for the background check is $78.50 and must be paid up front. Then another $10 for the "badge".
To obtain a background check and badge, the official can apply on-line or in person at the school district office in Viera.

You can go to Brevard County Office of District & School Security.
Read all about the fingerprinting and background checks.

The FHSAA is enforcing the rule of not assigning any refs past the districts playoffs
if you have not attended a field clinic by this fall. It's your option to attend one or not.
If you decide to do so, go to Officials FHSAA Website and follow the instructions
on how to register, pay and attend a field clinic.