Officials on this page have served, or are serving, their country and their community, with Honor & Distinction.

Chuck Ambrose
Baseball 30 yrs, Basketball 24 yrs, Football 5 yrs, Volleyball 27 yrs
U.S. Air Force, 6 yrs, 9 mnths, E5

Bill Becker
Baseball 9 yrs
U.S. Air Force, 21 yrs, E7, Retired

Mike Cooper
Baseball 10 yrs
U.S. Army, E5, Old Guard, Infantry, Medic, Airborne, Ranger

Ed Dufrene
Baseball 16 yrs, Football, Softball 13 yrs, Volleyball
U.S. Army, 3 yrs, E5, Airborne

Roy Holbeck
Baseball 12 yrs, Football 23 yrs
U.S. Air Force, 20 yrs, E7

Baseball 31 yrs, Softball 6 yrs, Volleyball 15 yrs
U.S. Marine Corps, 3 yrs, E4

Bill Stanley
Baseball 15 yrs
Cocoa Beach Police Officer, high-test rank

Last Updated: 1/10/2021