It is the responsibility of each MCOA Official to be knowledgeable of all upcoming training dates, times & locations. If an Official cannot attend, he or she must confirm their absence to the sports commissioner and provide a written (emailed) explanation.

Each sport will have MANDATORY meetings during the sports season. Those meeting dates will be posted on Arbiter. You must attend OR be excused in writing. Attend or not, you are expected to know, understand and apply correctly everything covered in the MANDATORY meeting.

Work, family, birthdays, anniversaries, school, etc., ALL of these are important dates in our lives. But remember our training meetings & scrimmages are for your benefit. Please make every effort to attend. Look at your important dates and BLOCK those dates in ARBITER. It is VERY frustrating for the commissioners & potentially costly for you, when you have to decline an assignment because it falls on an important date that you forgot to BLOCK.

First & second year MCOA officials should attend ALL of the training dates provided for their sport, "how else will we know how good you are."

Training dates, times & locations are shown below, unless notified otherwise.

One FHSAA promotional point is given for attendance & participation at each training date. A maximum of 10 points are allowed by the FHSAA.

The NFHS Rules Book for each sport is provided by the FHSAA for each registered official. Rules Books & additional training material will be distributed by the sport commissioner at the training meetings. The NFHS Case Book & Officials Manual must be purchased seperately through the NFHS WEB site.

Volleyball Training Schedule

Officials must attend one of the in person meetings to receive their NFHS Rules Books, FHSAA Officials Pass & other Volleyball related material.

Meetings where attendance is MANDATORY are highlighted in RED.

Click Here for meeting locations & times. (downloads training.pdf file)