NOTICE: Updated 02/27/2021:

The following is the MCOA policy on Background Checks and Badges for Sports Officials.

PLEASE read as the process has changed slightly. Online payment option is available.

Florida statute 1012.467 states...

(2)(a) A fingerprint-based criminal history check shall be performed on each noninstructional contractor who is permitted access to school grounds when students are present, whose performance of the contract with the school or school board is not anticipated to result in direct contact with students, and for whom any unanticipated contact would be infrequent and incidental. Criminal history checks shall be performed at least once every 5 years.

Recently, the Florida Legislature added a requirement that non instructional contractor employees of Florida schools be issued a state badge to be displayed when on school property.  Non instructional contractor employees includes sports officials. As applied to sports officials, displaying the badge means having it available for display when officiating. The badge requirement is in addition to the requirement for a background check.  The Brevard School Board requires sports official to have a current background check before officiating. Current means a background check within the past 5 years and does not expire during the sport season.

Each sports official is individually responsible for complying with the background check and badging requirement.  To obtain a background check and/or badge, the official applies in person at the school district office in Viera. The cost for the background check is about $68.00 The cost for the state badge is $10.00. 

All MCOA officials must comply with this requirement and have in there possession a current state badge while on school property. Failing to do so could result in a one year suspension. If your badge is lost, it MUST be reported to the sport commissioner immediately. Your current and future schedule of assignments will be withheld until a lost badge is replaced.

Click the link below and follow the directions to find out more.

Go to the security office. No appointment necessary. They are open Monday-Friday, 8am-4:30pm.
Fill out the paperwork. Get your fingers messy. Pay your money ($68, Credit or Debit card, unless paid online). Wait for the email results. If you pass...
Go back to the security office. Get your mug shot. Pay more money ($10, Credit or Debit card). Get your badge. That was easy.

Show badge to your Sport Commissioner.

Click here for instructions.

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Fingerprint AND Badge